Canoe trip for the daring – down the Jeziorka river

Jeziorka is in the left-hand tributary of the Vistula, it is said to be one of the cleanest rivers in the Mazovian region. Over 60km through charming natural soroundings. The Jeziorkas source is near Huta Lutkowska (not far from Mszczonów), from there on it flows to the east. In it’s upper stream it is narrow with steep banks. The mouth of the river is channeled and the river enters the Vistula through a regulated canal. The nearest upcoming organised canoe trip (for advanced paddlers) is scheduled for 29.08.2011. The organisers are AVE foundation more info on:
Fishermen might like to know that despite the rivers narrow stream , it is said to be full of carp, tench, crucian carp, trout, grass carp, roach, gudgeon, perch, pike, chub and ide and even burbot. Record breaking catches are: a 1.5kg tench, crucian around 1kg, 80 dag perch ,a pike over 3kg and fantastic chub and ide achieving up to 1,5kg which are the local favorites:)


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