Historical curiosities

The old wooden house biult in 1920′s in Wilczoruda was the centre of the resistance movement in the area during World War II. During the occupation period , one could listen to radio auditions, recieve information about the situation on the front thanks to a power generator conncted to the old mill that used to be located here. Until the end of th 1950′s this was the only place equipped with electricity in the whole area.
The owners at the time – miller Edward Saar and his wife supported the partisan movement financially, gave shelter to the school headmaster and his wife, which became a place for gatherings of the Home Army soldiers. It is said that amunition and arms were stored in a non existing shed by the old house, and that a chest 3x3x1,6 meters accesible from the top, was buried here to hide people who escaped from Warsaw after the Warsaw Uprising.

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